Hey – It’s the first bloom day I’m participating in! My lone contribution is the cyclamen my husband got me for Valentine’s Day. I really like these plants – I’ll have to decide whether to try and plant it outside or not come spring. It would be nice to have a blooming plant indoors though, so it might stay a houseplant. I’m just running out of room for those!
img_5429 I love the floaty, crazy blooms on the cyclamen, and had never really appreciated the purplish underside of the leaves (a bit like my nemesis Calathea), which is very pretty. Only bad thing about the plant is that it is poisonous to cats, so I have to keep it out of reach. They don’t seem to bother ones that don’t look like grass too much (though Alice is the more plant-crazed, and might), but I’m too paranoid to chance it! So when the plant isn’t posing for a picture, it lives on top of the microwave stand in the kitchen.

img_5427 Shout out of course to May Dreams Gardens for hosting bloom day! How long do cyclamen bloom? Because it may just be my only hope at an actual bloom next month, too!