It finally snowed here in MD enough for it to stick to the ground. And even though we get a fair amount of snow each year, it still causes chaos. Apparently just after I got to work this AM, there were about a billion accidents on the road, and of course all the schools got out early. I don’t get it. Even the University of MD closed at noon. My sophomore year there, we had a TON of snow and ice and they only canceled classes a couple times. Though ice skating to class could be entertaining, it got old quick on a giant campus, and my super old professors were a walking accident in those conditions. Unfair!

But anyway, enjoy some pretty snow pics. I got home in waning light, and reports say it’ll be in the 50s tomorrow, so everything will just turn into muddy slush (after first turning into ice—fun!). Had to get some pics today, just in case we don’t get any more frigging snow!

Allow me to explain the cat/husband pic. Our one cat Alice adores everything cold. She gets in the fridge and tries to get in the freezer. She begs for ice cubes or chips when she hears the freezer open. She plays with the frozen watering can water when I bring it in, and loves loves loves an ice cube in a bowl or glass of water. So while I was taking pics of snowy things, Will hooked her up to the harness (which we bought just for the hell of it to let them explore outside rarely and stop me from thinking they’ll run away to their deaths – we aren’t crazy enough to go for daily cat walks or anything) and took her outside in the snow. She was not so much a fan, even though she had been begging at the door to check things out. Darn cat can’t make up her mind! More on the cats to come later, I’m sure.