brussels sprouts for dinner

brussels sprouts for dinner

I really hate saying that I’m a vegetarian. I’d rather just say I don’t eat meat. Vegetarians eat tofu and send back their salad if they think it may have touched dead cow. I’ll just have what everyone else is having, minus the meat part.

I do eat some meat. Turkey is OK during the holidays, and I occasionaly eat chicken if it meets certain specifications (no “flat” chicken, no pieces of gristle, no skin, no bone) (chick-fil-a!). But no red meat and no seafood. I try some crab (yes – a Southern Marylander who does not like crab, but can tell a foreigner how to pick ’em) almost every year, but find it meh and not worth the effort at all. I remember eating steak as a child. It had to be super well done, cut into itty bitty pieces, and smothered in A-1. I just didn’t like it. I also do remember (I was in my room, just inside the doorway, it was night) asking my mom, “What’s chicken made of?” because I mean, of course we hadn’t just eaten dead bird. So part of it is that I just don’t like it, and yes part of it is that I think it’s gross.

I really probably should eat more tofu and whatever (or rather I should eat it, since I don’t). I don’t consider myself a picky eater. I’m more than willing to try mostly whatever fruit or vegetable you can throw at me. My main aversions are meat, peppers (I can stand yellow and orange, but I just don’t like the flavor of red or green at all), and onions (“you can’t even taste them, it’s just for the flavor”= I CAN taste them and I don’t like the flavor OR texture – and my husband doesn’t like them either, so THERE). Unfortunately all 3 of those things are pretty common in a lot of places, esp most restaraunts. Too often, I end up having like 3 kinds of potatoes and some pasta instead of real food. It’s bad, I know. I try to take vitamins and have a lot of homemade smoothies to make up for it. I’d love some not-claiming-to-be-a-vegetarian-but-really-am-one tips if you have any.

So what does a person like that have for dinner, anyway, you ask? Well tonight I’m having brussels sprouts (pretty much that recipe, but I add toasted pine nuts), lightly olive oil fried black beans (should be garbanzo, but we are out of those apparently, so I made do), and yummy instant Yukon Gold mashed potatoes. Husband is working lates this month, so I’ll make him “dinner” tomorrow AM. Something meaty, perhaps.