I thought I’d duplicate the comment I left on Our Little Acre about this post, since it is something I think about often.

This is a first home for my husband and I, and even if we add on, we know we’ll have to move on eventually, as the house is just very small. We do have almost an acre (Our Little Almost Acre?) though, and we’ve added all the gardens, fixed the lawn, and generally given the house a big dose of love. I even pick some things now based on the fact that they’re easy to care for, in the hopes that when we’re not here in 25 years and we pass by the house, my flowers will still be thriving. I also have a lot of passalongs from my mother, some that started with my grandmothers that will be coming with me whenever we move, as they’re now irreplaceable.

And my parents’ house is much like yours – until college I had lived only there, so the thought of that someday not being my homebase when they are gone just breaks my heart. But when that happens (hopefully a long, long time from now), I will most certainly be clearing those gardens out and taking them with me 🙂