I believe I found the link to Gardeners for the Bay on this blog. I signed up – it’s free, and according to the email I got, you get some cool extra freebies like stickers and (yay!) gardening gloves.

I actually live very, very close to the Patuxent River. So I know I’m well within the watershed area, and try to be conscious.

Here’s the manifesto/pledge, from the website linked above, with my intentions noted:

    As a Gardener for the Bay, I will:
    * Conserve water by diverting runoff downspouts and paved surfaces to rain barrels, rain gardens, or garden beds. Yes! I have a rain barrel, and during the summer I also always keep a bucket under the a/c drip (the amount of water you can get in no time at all from is this astounding. I hate when it rains now and the barrel is already full so I can’t save it!
my rain barrell and shade/water tolerant garden

my rain barrel and shade/water tolerant garden

    * Plant with native, non-invasive species that are adapted to conditions in my area. I certainly try! Before picking ground cover-type plants especially, I check to see if they’re invasive.
    * Enrich my garden beds and lawn naturally with compost, leaf mold, or other organic matter. Got a composter for xmas that I can’t wait to get set up and use!
    * Eliminate my use of toxic chemicals (synthetic chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides). I try to do this, and basically only use inrescticides for stupid aphids. I’m going to make it a point to look for more friendly ones this year.
    * Reduce my lawn area by planting native trees and shrubs and enlarging garden beds.OK, so we actually increased the lawn area when we flattened out yard, but we’ve also added a lot more garden space, and I’m sure more will be added. We’ve added lots of native/friendly trees (some planted, some still growing in pots).
    * Encourage other gardeners to join the fight to protect and restore the waterways, farmlands and forests for the Bay Region.Going to send the link to my mom, and I’m posting it here, so I’ll count that 🙂
    * Speak out for decisive action to save the Chesapeake Bay a national treasure.Yes!